Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It's funny how one's favorites can change overtime or in a matter of seconds, depending on what the favorite's subject is.  My eight year old brother Teddy's favorite dog used to be Juneau, then it was Sasha.  Then along came Conker.  Guess who the new favorite is.

My reasoning is that Conker is a new dog, still a puppy of sorts.  He'll play with Teddy, Sasha doesn't play and Juneau only fetches.  Conker will fetch, tug, wrestle, let Teddy pet him, you name it.  Another thing might be that he's a boy dog and the Girls are, well, girls.

Teddy keeps telling me how he wants Conker to be his dog and how he's going to have a Shiba Inu when he's older.  I hope Conker shows a bit of the bad side to Shibas so Teddy can see all the aspects of them so he can have a better idea if he really wants one or not when the time comes.  (Teddy is a very responsible kid for his age, I doubt he'll get a dog and not be able to train or care for it.)

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  1. Maybe after Conker eats all those game controllers, Teddy will rethink his stance on Shibas... Muahahaaha.

    I'm kidding, of course. I'm glad they're getting along well! And Conker's not playing too rough? Always nice to have a little extra help tiring out the dog. =)